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1956 Melbourne Olympic Games Skirt, University of Melbourne Archives. Fletcher Jones Business and Family Records, 201.0031.00808

Fletcher Jones: How the 1956 Melbourne Olympics skirt changed everything!

  It is 2016 and once again Olympic fever has taken hold across the country. Australia is a sporting nation which has always taken a keen interest in its athletes, their victories and of course what they are wearing! In recognition of the sixtieth anniversary of the Melbourne Games in 1956, many of Victoria’s collecting […]

Fletcher Jones ‘Pleasant Hill’ Water Tower (otherwise known as the ‘Silver Ball’)

In late 2014 the University of Melbourne Archives UMA acquired Ralph Jones’ 1975 Engineering Awards Competition submission ‘Elevated Steel Water Tower and Associated Project and his papers about the construction of the water tower at ‘Pleasant Hill’, (otherwise known as the ‘Silver Ball’) at the old Fletcher Jones Factory site, Warrnambool. The water tower is […]