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Stories Amongst the Vines: Viticultural Society of Victoria New Acquisition

The Viticultural Society of Victoria (VSoV) played an important role in popularising the fine art of wine drinking in the twentieth century. The VSoV was formed in 1905 when wine consumption and the wine industry were at their lowest ebb – plagued by the debilitating  effects of phylloxera disease on vineyards, a powerful temperance movement […]

Department of Accounting: Professor Colin Brian Ferguson (1949-2014)

PROFESSOR COLIN BRIAN FERGUSON (1949–2014) Professor Colin Ferguson passed away peacefully after a short illness in his native Warrnambool at the age of 64. Colin had an international reputation for work encompassing auditing, forensic accounting, and accounting information systems. Raised in Warrnambool where he completed his secondary education at the Christian Brothers (now Emanuel) College, […]

EE Milston: Personal Records & Records of His Architecture Practice

Victoria’s monument to those who served in the second world war was designed by a man whose personal experience of that war brought him to Australia.  Born in Czechoslovakia in 1893, Arnost Edward Mühlstein established his architectural practice in the modernist style and travelled widely in Europe to study architecture of all periods.  Mühlstein was […]

Do you know what an Arithmometer is for? Check out the National Mutual Life Association of Australasia Objects Collection Available Soon..

In this post industrial era devices such as the stapler, photocopier and computer have become ubiquitous features of daily office life. We have come to rely on them to save us time and effort on tasks that once required hours of labour, but where did they come from and what did the original inventions look like?. […]

Story of Melbourne’s Outer Circle Railway: Book Republished 2014

Dr David Beardsell is a research scientist and lecturer in Plant Science at the University of Melbourne. The first edition of his book on the history of the Outer Circle Railway was first published in 1979. He is currently rewriting a much enlarged second edition for publication in late 2014. David has published over 100 […]