McPhersons Limited available online June 2014

Planning Machine: Thomas McPherson & Son Engineers Machine Stock List 1899

Planning Machine: Thomas McPherson & Son Engineers Machine Stock List 1899, 1987.0098, McPhersons Limited, University of Melbourne Archives

Established in Melbourne in 1860 McPhersons Limited recently celebrated its 150th year of continuous business, a major achievement in this day and age of company acquisition and competiveness. The key to their success has been their ability to diversify their business and adapt in a fast paced world. Founder Thomas McPherson created an iron mongering business which quickly evolved into a manufacturer of tools, equipment and machinery to service the needs of Victorian settlers. This well known brand had one of the best range of hardware available to satisfy needs of both the domestic home renovator and engineer. Their shop front in Collins Street, became a landmark and a choice destination for several generations of  farmers and builders. McPhersons have come a long way since those early days and have completely reinvented their focus from the manufacture of trade and hardware goods to the distribution of domestic product brands such as Manicare nail products and Euromaid kitchen appliances. Going from strength to strength their recent company acquisitions include ‘Revitanail’ and ‘Think Appliances’.

UMA has recently acquired the McPherson’s collection, which contains records, artefacts and photographs which document the growth of this successful Melbourne based family company. A listing for this collection will be available online by June 2014.


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