Louis Goldberg Collection at Deakin University: Exploring a rich foundation of historic research

In recognition of the value of primary sources in research relating to business and accounting, University of Melbourne academic Brad Potter produced a comprehensive article on the life and contribution of well known accounting academic Professor Louis Goldberg, ‘The Louis Goldberg Collection at Deakin University: exploring a rich foundation for historical research’. For further reading on use of business archives in accounting research refer to Abacus Digitization

The Louis Goldberg Collection housed at the Geelong Waterfront Campus Library at Deakin University contains books, pamphlets and periodicals on accounting and commerce, including rare and significant works dating from the 17th century. The collection also includes approximately 17 linear metres of manuscript material, draft research material and notes used by Professor Goldberg in his publications. During the course of his long academic career spanning 6 decades Professor Goldberg gradually acquired this important collection, which documents the establishment of accounting as an academic discipline in Australia and provides insight into the career of this distinguished academic.

The University of Melbourne Archives also holds a small quantity of the Louis Goldberg papers that include his research notes on the effect of arbitration on costs, road and rail transportation other papers relating to his contribution to professional associations such as the Economics Society of Australia and New Zealand.


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